i am samuel tompkins —

— a designer from the pacific northwest


Currently —

I enjoy film photography and hiking, I make coffee at Pilgrim Coffeehouse in Seattle, and I design things for fun.

Open to full-time, contract, or freelance positions. Please contact me via my email.


Previously —

I led product design at Possible Finance, a series B fintech startup that helps financially under-served Americans with consumer-friendly short term loans.

I studied Interaction Design in the SoA+AH+D at the University of Washington in Seattle.


Connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Possible Finance

As I became the only designer at this rapidly growing fintech startup and took over all design responsibilities, I was able to ship a revolutionary financial well-being feature to thousands of customers.


A design school project, I created a theoretical product to combat smartphone addiction and encourage deep and meaningful social use of smartphones.


A design school project, I created a hypothetical product based on research and interviews to combat depression by promoting positive self-image and encouraging regular self-reflection.